Readers Ask: I’m Overwhelmed by Critical Voices, Too Many To Do’s, Depression, Perfectionism, Parenting/Marital Struggles – How Can I Get Unstuck & Stay Inspired?

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by critical voices, too many to do’s, perfectionism, feelings of depression, anxiety in the midst of everyday life realities – like parenting struggles, marital strife and just the challenges of getting from day to day?

I’m here to tell you right now: you are NOT disqualified from being inspired by God to do what God’s prompted you to do.  You can get unstuck and stay inspired. Just as you are. 

Why? Because you are His beloved.

“But, HOW?” you ask. “Bonnie, how can I stay inspired when I feel stuck by all these things?”

Well, thank you for asking — because I’m just bursting at the seams to tell you, sweet kindred! 🙂 Last week, I had the special treat of spending Sunday afternoon with you on my Facebook Livestream — to answer your questions. I’ve journeyed through many valleys and meadows, speaking to thousands as retreat leader and I want to share my gems of encouragement with you. Honestly and vulnerably.

Click here to watch the recorded video Live Beloved: Getting Unstuck and Staying Inspired.  Who can you encourage with this video? Share the link with a friend and encourage her heart!

Here below are the questions I was asked – that you posted here on the blog and on social media — which I answered in the video…

But, first..

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Questions Readers Asked

Stuck by Pain, Depression or Marital/Parenting Struggles:

@Caryn Brame – I feel inspired to create, paint, draw, exercise –  just live – but I get stuck in the throws of migraine pain. (via Facebook)

@Fiona Jackson – I feel inspired to start a fb Blog and share from my heart what the Lord has spoken,. but, I feel stuck when my health takes a hold of me that causes me to feel stuck and dizziness.(via Facebook)

@iamjsmiles I feel so inspired to write and share my story but I feel stuck when my daily life consumes my creativity and depression takes the best moments away! I feel like my book will never be published! (via Instagram) 

 @an.expectant.heart I feel inpisred to write to encourage women but feel stuck when life comes undone, with martial arguments and parenting struggles and I feels like the life is sucked right out of me. (via Facebook)

@Allison: I feel inspired to finish my book … I feel stuck when warfare comes and tells me I know nothing and no one wants to hear what I have to say; that it will not heal others. How did you write with anxiety and depression? (via blog)

Stuck by Critical Voices & Perfectionism:

@Joel-Deena Royalty: I feel inspired to finish the small book to encourage women to keep going and laugh.. I feel stuck when I think of those who may feel me unfit or “unworthy” a person to publish something. (via Facebook)

@Alica Stephens: I feel so inspired to write a worship album but feel stuck when the whispers of “Do you really have anything good to say?” and “Would anyone really want to listen?” sneak in.(via Facebook)

@Kristen Leigh Hanley: I feel inspired to write, but I feel stuck when the lies of “You aren’t capable or sufficient enough.” stifle my progress. (via Facebook)

@Rachel: I feel inspired to create but I get stuck when I get overwhelmed that it will not be good enough. (via blog)

@Pam: Perfectionism is what stops me most when I am inspired to do anything. (via blog)

Overwhelmed by Everyday Life and To Do List:

@Eden Pe: I feel inspired to start our women’s Saturday breakfast club, but I feel stuck when my real world job responsibilites and schedules do not blend into my plans.

@Wendy Simpson: I feel inspired to write a book and draw.. but feel stuck when I think of all its going to take and how hard it is to raise a family as a single widow mom.

@Nance Masterson: I feel inspired to do creative journaling combined with nature photography, but I feel stuck because I never seem to have time… only endless to do lists and what seems to be a never -ending string of unexpected events that take away my time.

@Abby McDonald: I feel inspired to write and speak to women who need to know God see s them, but I feel stuck/overwhelmed by my “to do” list and often my fears too.

@Debbie: I feel so inspired to write but.. I feel stuck when the seemingly urgent takes over in my life. (via blog)

@Lynn Simpson: I feel inspired when in connection with others, but feel stuck when enveloped by single minded tasks. (via blog)

Click here to watch the video and hear my answers to these soulful questions. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably and beautifully. You inspire me.

I can’t wait to hear what encouraged your heart as you watch the video.  You can get unstuck and stay inspired, just as you are. Hear Jesus whisper to you and me today — You are My beloved.


What encouraged you in today’s video about getting unstuck and staying inspired?

Pull up a chair.  Click to comment.



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