a fork in the road. busy or beloved?

By August 29, 2014 5 Comments

isn’t it easier to be busy?

isn’t it easier to be distracted?

isn’t it easier to let someone else choose for us, what it is that needs to be done?

it’s easier because we wouldn’t have to need.

but isn’t that how God filled Adam’s void with Eve?

when he felt his need?

to be loved.

it’s harder to choose what we want.

because maybe we don’t know what it is we want.

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Replenishing my soul one morning after a weekend pouring out. a quiet hike w/a friend. {sunshine kissing the space btwn translucent skin of seeds}

find me in the quiet places: a little big change (Day 20) 21 Days of Rest

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hand art by @emdashpaperco | instagram

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soul words feed the heart for the journey {caleb and R2D2}

I Am His Mommy: Soul Words For School

By On August 19, 2014

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nanu... nanu {the younger me. third grade}

To Robin Williams: What I Know Now (A Letter To My Younger Self) (Day 18)

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watercolor print by janinecrum.com {downloadable printable below}

The First Step to Soul Intimacy (PRINTABLE) #WhitespaceStory (Day 16)

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Ann Voskamp, me, and the ocean. {photo by Emily Freeman}

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unplugging returns us to our childhood self. at rest. present. fully alive. {eric & i broke out our Calvin & Hobbes comics to share them with Josh (middle), Caleb (left) & friend Tyler.} #soulgoodness

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Because some days you need a double shot of faith