The First Step to Soul Intimacy (PRINTABLE) #WhitespaceStory (Day 16)

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little girl & her whitespace {photo by} little girl & her whitespace {photo by}

You know, something very deep inside happens when we take time to feed our souls.  To do the things we really long to enjoy, that gives us a sense of rest.  To have some space to just be still.  And get in touch with the child in each of us.

That child in each of us carries stories, thoughts, needs and feelings even though we have everyday responsibilities in our world as moms, working women, wife, daughter and friend. Sometimes those stories come alive as we take a walk, sit with a soulful book, sing, paint, journal, take a bath – or they come alive when we bake, craft, work with our hands in the garden, or hold a warm cup of tea.

It’s the first step of soul intimacy in any relationship –

giving yourself permission to open your soft — desire-laden — rest-craving self to the other person.

Show up in a pocket of quiet.

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a childhood dream come true.  {a 1st reading from a soulful #spiritualwhitesapce book launch party}

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