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Whispers Of Rest

How To Truly Quiet Negative Self-Criticism: God’s Whispers of Love

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The world is very noisy. It’s always telling us what we need to do in order to be good enough — critical voices to be noticed, to belong, and to be loved. Which melt into own words of self-criticism.

We may have taken on those negative words as self-criticism. It makes us feel shameful because we’re afraid it’s true. So, in this world of pressures to be strong, never doubt, or struggle — and always know the answers and to do things well — you may feel tired. Weary.

Is there a place where we can really belong?  To just be loved for who we are? Is it realistic?

If you feel the way I do sometimes, you would understand what a challenge it is to simply be God’s beloved.

If we focus on all the negative voices — what others have said about us (or not said about us), whether in our relationships or communities of faith — we can feel the way the Israelites did when they were about to enter the Promised Land God longed for them to experience… (to be continued)

Taking a Deep Breath

… Before sharing the rest of today’s story, I wanted to share an update on my new book Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love To Revitalize Your Soul.

Do you see the picture in today’s post? It shows Part One of my new book.

The world says prove you’re good enough. But Jesus tenderly whispers, “My love for you is good enough. You are everything I dreamed of. You can rest. You are my beloved.”

🍃 There is a moment we must let go of the critical voices that keep us hidden – so we can step out with Jesus to share our heart and stories with others. Today, I’m taking a deep breath with prayers as I make final galley changes to Whispers of Rest before the book is bound and printed for the May 23, 2017 release.

 I can’t wait to take you on a beautiful 40-day journey to become the beloved – to refresh your soul and spark joy.

 Each week explores 6 powerful, soul-affirming themes to experience God’s peace and presence, practical soul-care tips to brighten your day, and simple prayers to deepen intimacy with God.

Online Book Club

☕️ I’ll be hosting an Online Book Club to journey together — so be sure to Pre-Order your copy of Whispers of Rest on Amazon! 📖Sign up to join me on the Beloved Launch Team {click here

Guided by this beautiful new book – you’ll create new, simple and powerful rhythms to refresh your soul and spark joy. ✨ To let God love you and be renewed! I can’t wait to hear how God will whisper to you. This journey has changed my life and I know yours will be changed too, as God frees your heart with His love!

How To Truly Quiet Negative Self-Criticism

To read the rest of “How To Truly Quiet Negative Self-Criticism: God’s Whispers of Love”, click here to join me at DaySpring’s (in)courage, where today’s post is published.

Join me there. You know how love your company!


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