An Overwhelmed Heart, A Love Note, and A Last Minute Update

By May 31, 2016 12 Comments
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Dear Kindreds,

I’ve been taking a break online, unplugging to work on a very important letter. A series of letter to you:  Book #2.

Yes, I’ve been working on writing Book #2 quite furiously.  As you can imagine, it has its inspired moments when the words tumble out and I can’t write it fast enough — and then there are days where my heart is gripped in fear because I am not sure quite how to convey all that is in my heart to you.  Because often the hardest stories to tell are the  most worth confiding in. I so want to encourage you with clarity, but also with feeling. And that’s not always easy.

So, last week was one of those moments, when the words were not coming easily.  I sent out an SOS email request to my friends. And I just want to share it with you below.

But, first before I do so, I want to give you a last minute update!!

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My first book Finding Spiritual Whitespace is on sale for just $1.99 today — the ebook version!!

It’s a special promotion and today is the last day. Please get a copy for yourself if you’ve hesitated. This book has changed my heart and soul — I want you to discover this same rest and refreshment for your soul with God too!

Do you know a friend who can use some encouragement and rest too? Please let them know about this $1.99 promo today — or better yet, gift a copy to your friends!  Thank you so much for your support!! We are doing this together, kindreds!

Writing Finding Spiritual Whitespace has freed my heart to write this Book #2. Why?  Because of the overwhelming response — as you’ve asked questions and shared your stories — I feel I have more to say! You inspire me. The seed for Book #2 came from you!

1.99 book ad Finding Spiritual Whitespace

On Overwhelmed Heart

So, here below is the SOS email I sent to friends last week, which I’d like to share with you.

I’m feeling much better today, after taking a break over Memorial Weekend and getting lots of whitespace this weekend with Eric, Josh, and Caleb — and some close friends who made me laugh again. We went for a hike, went to the beach and I got some 1-1 time dinner out with a girlfriend.

Yep, I got some Spiritual Whitespace — so, I’m giving myself space to refresh and just be me!

Okay, here is my email. I also included some of my friends’ response because I hope it encourage you too!

Hi Friends,

I am having a really difficult moment right now — and as I was praying on my knees and feeling very trapped/stuck, you guys popped in my mind — so I’m quickly typing a SOS request for prayer.
I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt overwhelmed with anxiety right now — I have been working on writing book #2. I’m trying to do something different with my second book. I am writing a book to invite others on a new journey with God to hear His whispers of love. And I’m doing it by offering soulful stories and prompts for reflection, but I’m inspired by doing it in a very unique format, that isn’t “standard”.
 And I have these critical voices telling me the stuff I’m writing isn’t going to “work” – who am I to write this, etc.
 The good news is I am making good progress — the chapters have been flowing. 
 But for some reason, this morning after my morning walk and sitting down, I suddenly feel like these last remaining chapters are very hard to write. Like they are going to all fall apart as I write them. And I feel very stupid for writing it.  That the book is dumb. I know this all sounds horrible, but this is how I’m feeling. 
 Please pray for courage to write true to my heart — and listen only to Jesus.  
 Anyways, thanks for being here to listen — and pray for me — at this very in-the-middle-of-the-journey moment. I’m holding onto Jesus by being present with you all, right where I’m at.
 May God lift us all up — wherever we are on our journey today — whatever we are facing — with Jesus — together.  peace and grace to us all! 

Encouraging Words From Friends

Here are some of my friends’ responses. I hope it encourages you in whatever journey are in the middle of this week:



that little voice that says ‘this is no good, why would anyone want to look at/read/listen to this’ is normal. it must be beaten down and suppressed with creative joy…

keep fighting.
Friend M


hang in there bonnie! I think it’s a normal part of cranking things out. i feel that way – asking many of those same questions. for me it’s often a sign of being too immersed. whenever I think that the whole thing is horrible i try to take a step away, and exhale, and pray, and then do something else entirely for awhile.

I’ll be praying for you…
Friend JR



You CAN finish this book. You WILL finish this book. I am waiting to read it so you HAVE to finish it!

I am praying that God’s clear voice and your true identity in Him will be your lifeline during this time of chaos. One step at a time, girl! You can do it!!!
Friend E


My friend,

I know you know these negative thoughts are LIES! You are God’s precious daughter, blessed and loved beyond measure.

And the book is not dumb. I think our society is in a dangerous place, where it doesn’t want to acknowledge our real stories…but so much beauty comes out of those places. We glimpse so much of His grace, love, faithfulness, and tenderness in those places. What you want to say is not dumb. It is beautiful. It is the truth.

I will certainly pray for you! May God’s voice pour out of your heart onto paper.
Friend J



These are very big lies.  Remember who you are and that God has already prepared you to write this and given you vision and direction!  I am proud of you and so thankful for the chapters that you have already written.

God has already won this battle for you and for this broken world.  🙂

Praying that you experience God even more intimately in this place. Lots of love to you!
Friend A

One Love Note from Book #2

Here is a love note from Book #2 to you. I brainstorm a bunch of lines when I begin a book. Then, I choose one and begin writing the chapters. It takes courage because many times, new lines emerge and in order to follow the new words — I must be willing to leave the other notes and lines that poured out before. And that sometimes feels scary.

But, this the way of faith, letting go of what we know to let God change who we are. We must hold our ideas loosely, so we can follow God’s voice instead of a plan. We may not know where things will lead, but we know we are being led. It is real.

book 2 notes

Finally, I hope you join me on Facebook & Instagram. I’m posting updates there as I unplug to write the book!

You Are Beloved

How are you? Are there critical voices that aren’t telling the truth about who you are?
We can remind each other of the truth. We are kindreds!

Listen God’s whispers today — You are loved. Cherished. Worth it.  You are my beloved.

“I have loved you with aneverlasting love;
therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” Jer. 31:3


Pull up a chair. How can we pray for each other? Click to comment.

I’ve shared my prayer request with you. Share your prayer request below. And pray for the person before you!


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