Be New. Easter {The Living Way}

By April 17, 2014 6 Comments
a single poppy blooms as fog wafts ahead {caleb on a journey}. a single poppy blooms as fog wafts ahead {caleb on a journey}.

You don’t have to wait until you’re completely new.

To be you.

You don’t have to wait until there is no more sorrow.

In order to step into the light.

To be seen.

You don’t have to try so hard.

To understand everything.

These are the words I whispered to myself.

As I sat on the couch of my therapist’s office last week.   Read More

beauty in unexpected places {petals wet in spring}

A Place For Us {Brokenness}

By On April 10, 2014

I don’t want to be one of those people. Someone who is afraid. Someone who can’t deal with hard things. Someone who has failed to overcome the things that could make me… Read More

we all need someone.{josh & caleb before sunset}

Need Someone {Your Cross}

By On April 3, 2014

We all need someone. This is a beautiful, lonely, hard, and easy truth. Beautiful if you have someone. Lonely if you don’t. Hard for the times you’d rather not need. Easy for… Read More

"Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive." Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre {the ember of a sunset warming a tear-drenched sky}

Lean In. God Will Make A Way. With You. {Wounded}

By On March 27, 2014

Something happens when you find yourself lying on your bed. There’s a moment you can no longer fight the sinking feeling that life isn’t going to be the same anymore. You aren’t… Read More

take the risk. rewrite old memories. an open seat. just for you

Take The Risk. Rewrite Old Memories. Tell Your Story.

By On March 26, 2014

I was a newlywed. One year hadn’t even passed yet, since we first said our forever wedding vows. But, I was already counting the days.  Circling dates on the calendar like First… Read More

we all need someone to hold on to. someone who will stay. {dawn breaking through leaves}

Someone To Hold On To {Stay}

By On March 20, 2014

It was the first concert I had been to in years. I haven’t been able to go anywhere where there is loud music. But since my breakthrough in therapy earlier this year,… Read More

In the heart of every woman lies the quiet bloom of a little girl.

For The Special Little Girls {Remember}

By On March 13, 2014

She looked so cute. As a button. She sparkled dancing brown eyes that smiled, a dimple on her left cheek, as wispy strands of soft chestnut hair pulled up in ponytail fringed… Read More


What Lies Behind Every Dream Lost {The Journey Series}

By On March 6, 2014

I had just finished proofing the final book pages last week. In the page-proof stage of getting a manuscript to print, all edits have already been made and mistakes have been corrected.… Read More


Dare To Rest. Dare To Be Real.

By On March 4, 2014

I once felt lost and tired. Even though no one could tell.  By looking at my life from the outside. But, deep inside, in my secret heart of hearts, I’ve always wanted… Read More

Under the branches of a winter tree, I will hold you. I will be your shade. And you will be with me.

{Soul Rest Sunday} In the Secret Place. Hold On To Me.

By On March 2, 2014

Sometimes, the world can make you feel small. It can be a crowded place, so many voices. Loud. Insistent that you have something to show. For who you are. And what you… Read More


What I’m Learning About Myself & My Parenting {6 Unexpected Gifts}

By On February 27, 2014

As I’m learning to take care of myself and place value on finding my voice, I’m making an unexpected discovery. I’ve always been afraid to focus on myself, because I never wanted… Read More

a quiet space is sweet to the soul.

{Soul Rest Sunday} Gather. I Am With You.

By On February 23, 2014

Sometimes, it seems like all that’s within my reach are leftovers. As I begin to make my outer world reflect my inner world — where I am completely loved, cherished and accepted… Read More

Because some days you need a double shot of faith