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Be God’s Love Note to a Child in Need. Sponsor a Child with Compassion Int’l

Break Free of Stress & Refresh Your Soul (An ebook Sale $1.99)

By August 2, 2015 2 Comments

Looking for a mid-summer read to refresh your soul?  

Today, my publisher Revell is offering a Special Limited $1.99 ebook Sale for my book Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to RestThe catch? The sale ends this Saturday August 2 – August 8, 2015.  

So, I want to invite you to take advantage of this ebook sale! It’s a great deal – for less than the price of a cup of cappuccino, friends can get a cup of soul mocha in this book!

Can you think of someone to treat?

*  Purchase a copy for yourself — if you haven’t read Finding Spiritual Whitespace yet. Make room for you. For rest. For God. Your heart is worth nurturing. (journaling prompts provided for you to explore your story).

*  Gift a copy to a friend for encouragement. Encourage her desire to refresh her heart with God.

*  Start a Fall Book Club with a group of friends.  Connect deeply & explore different ways to experience rest. Share stories by walking through Finding Spiritual Whitespace together (discussion questions provided in each chapter).

*  Gift a copy to a mommy friend. Encourage a weary mom to take time for herself.

*  Gift a copy to a friend who serves in ministry. Sometimes those who encourage others need the most encouragement.

*  Gift a copy to someone on the journey to heal and nourish their heart.  When life is stressful, our hearts long for peace, beauty, and rest.

*  Gift a copy to a mom, sister, or daughter.  The book can be a prompt to share stories together.

I’d love your help to pass on the news of this special deal with your friends — thank you!

Some of you are new to Faith Barista, so I also want to share the book trailer with you. Click here to watch this quick video. I remember how I cried writing and narrating the script (had to record different takes) — recounting the ways God helped break me free of stress and refreshed my soul — and how excited I was to share it with you.


What I Never Expected

I never expected this book would be such a beautiful doorway into God’s heart — into yours.

It amazes me how God speaks uniquely to each person’s story, to explore the journey to find rest through the book. Uncovering our stories can heal, re-ignite dreams long forgotten and connect us deeply to God in new ways.

I never expected it because I still remember how I cried and prayed.

God, I don’t want to write about this.

Make these painful memories go away — so I can write my book.

But, I couldn’t write that book.  Not the old book.

I only had one choice: to write a new book. The only words that flowed were stories surfacing from my heart.  They weren’t easy to tell.  But, God takes the real stories in our hearts — the broken ones in mine — and transforms them into beautiful songs of rest.

What I never expected is that writing my memoir-driven book Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest irrevocably changed my story and refreshed my soul. 

My heart woke up to a beautiful, new way of living.  Why? Because you picked up this book — and joined me on this journey of rest.

Your Stories

We met between the pages.  You shared your stories with me.

You shared it with your friends.

Now, the stories I once hid in fear has become a crown of joy — because it’s brought us together with Jesus, holding our hands and our hearts — as our stories poured out.

This journey has brought me more beauty than I can ever imagine. To dream dreams again. To discover what it is that refreshes my heart and explore why it’s difficult.

To be known.  To be God’s beloved.

To rest. As is.

Thank You

Thank you for continuing to share about this book with your friends.  A book like this only finds its way onto shelves because of kindreds like you. By your recommendation of this book.

The continued response to the book humbles and touches me so deeply. And I owe it all to the kindreds Jesus sent to my path — you.

Your stories. You give me courage to share what I hear Jesus whispering to us —

You’re loved.

You’re worth it.

Just rest.

I hope reading Finding Spiritual Whitespace refreshes your soul and changes your story — as much as it has changed mine. I treasure sharing it with you, as I continue to live out this journey today, in community here.


How is Finding Spiritual Whitespace speaking to you?

Who can you share news of this ebook sale with?  Thank you!

Pull up a chair. Share a comment. I treasure glimpses of your story here.

With love and kindred affection… Bonnie






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