Why We Need to Say YES Even If We’re Afraid (My Interview With Josh Wilson & Frequency.fm) #ThatWasThenThisIsNow

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Have you ever felt like running away — from what you’ve been afraid to do — even though you suspect it’s what you’re called to do?

I’ve been trying to push away some new ideas and afraid of making some changes for a while. But, they keep returning to my heart, not willing to let me go.

Has that ever happened to you?  Is God prompting your heart to begin something new, or to end something old, that you’re trying to put to the side — yet God continues to bring it back to your heart, like a wave brushing up onto the sand?

I didn’t realize that was happening to me, until I listened to  Josh Wilson’s new album That Was Then, This is Now.

Click below to join in a soul-honest podcast I recorded with friends recording artist Josh Wilson and Joe Brookhouse of Frequency.fm about what it means to say YES to God when we’re afraid.

I know it will inspire you to say YES to whatever God’s calling you to do today.   It will be time well spent. Promise.

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It’s easy to overthink what God’s inspired in you.

Over thinking is a way of self-defense for our hearts.  It keeps our hearts from breaking free. It keeps our hands from reaching out and our feet from moving forward to where God’s pointing us.

But, the curious thing about our hearts is this: God created our heart to be like a flame … to grow into fire within the soul of who He created us to be.


It’s time for us to say YES to what God’s called us to do. No more waiting until we’re ready. Let’s do it afraid. Together with Jesus. And each other.

When I heard Josh released a new album #ThatWasThenThisIsNow, I wanted to hear about his journey to yes to God. Josh Wilson was one of the only recording artist I knew who publicly talked about his panic attacks two years ago.  Josh’s courage and trust in God to publicly tell his story inspired me to write Finding Spiritual Whitespace.

I’d love to hear about you. What is God prompting you to say YES to?

This Thursday – Saying YES

How is God calling you to say YES? What are the ideas? The changes? A new direction? Putting away the old?

Write a post and share it on this Thursday’s Beloved Brew Thursday Link Up.

“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you.”
2 Timothy 1:6


How is God calling you to say YES? What are the ideas? The changes? A new direction? Putting away the old?

Pull up a chair. Share a comment.

Write a post to share and link up on Thursday. Let’s pray for each other as we read each comment and leave ours.spiritualwhitespacebook

For more words of encouragement, order a copy of my book Finding Spiritual Whitespace.

That Was Then, This is Now

Josh’s songs continue to inspire me again to say YES to writing a new book — as well as some other ideas. I’d like to share them with you later this week on the Thursday post.

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Listen and enjoy this soulful conversation,

I encourage you to pick up Josh Wilson’s new album #ThatWasThenThisIsNow  and let it inspire your heart to say YES to what God’s calling you to do.



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