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10 Ways To Redefine Gratitude (From Me to You)

By On November 26, 2014

I have mixed feelings about the Thanksgiving holiday. On one hand, it’s a wonderful holiday tucked right before Christmas with no agenda other than to gather and eat a traditional turkey meal.… Read More


Courage To Be Broken: My Real Thanksgiving List

By On November 12, 2013

“Comes a time, on the journey, you wonder how you will survive. There comes a time, when you’re thirsty and so alone… There is a pool in the desert, where water flows… Read More


When Easter Feels Overwhelming: Sometimes It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

By On March 29, 2013

“You see, there are two very different types of hope in this world.  One is hoping for something, and the other is hoping in Someone.” ~ Pete Wilson How can we celebrate… Read More


Beyond Locked Doors: Jesus, Where Can I Hide?

By On March 27, 2013

“Before the river runs away, I find the shelter in Your Name.  Jesus.” ~ Fernando Ortega in “Sleepless Night” I remember what if felt like to be a little girl. Sitting at the… Read More


No More Fairytales: Faith Is a New Kind Of Family

By On November 30, 2012

Psst. Guess what. I don’t want to tell you this. But, it’s true. I wasn’t able to celebrate the holidays the way we all dreamed for ourselves, as a child. A momma.… Read More

One of my fave Christmas treats of the season - Simple Rice Krispies a la extra marshmallows

{ Unwrap Jesus } Can Christmas Really Change Your Story?

By On December 9, 2011

“Too often, the Christmas story only impinges on the periphery of our lives.” ~ Ian Strachan, Today In a Manger With so much Christmas to celebrate, the danger of the holidays isn’t… Read More


{ Unwrap Jesus } Be Fully Present

By On December 1, 2011

How can we make Christmas new when we’ve celebrated this holiday so many times?  We begin by being fully present. I’ve already been to the Hidden Villa Farm. That’s what I thought… Read More


Take the Faith Barista Challenge: Unwrapping Jesus — A Celebration of Simplicity

By On November 28, 2011

No matter how traditional, sentimental or ordinary this Christmas may turn out to be, one thing’s for sure. Jesus stands apart from the tinsel to bring you a new message this year.… Read More


Thanksgiving Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Full Of Gratitude

By On November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day is here… And my family and I will stay home this year, to nurse a yucky cold. It’s one of those winter bugs that remind me of the turkey and… Read More


Writing My Father’s Day Card Without A Daddy

By On June 16, 2011

It still feels surreal to buy a Father’s Day card.  Considering I never bought one before I became a mom and you, a dad. I was the same age as TJ when… Read More


Little Girls and Grown Up Women: How To Celebrate Grieving & Joy On Mother’s Day

By On May 5, 2011

How can we find joy through motherhood, as we try to make sense of the journey ourselves? As a mom of two preschooler boys, I’m sandwiched in between my experience of motherhood… Read More


When It’s Hard To Change: Breakfast With Jesus

By On April 23, 2011

“‘You would not have called to me unless I had been calling to you,”said the Lion.” –The Silver Chair, C.S. Lewis One of the biggest treats I’ve come to enjoy is a… Read More

Because some days you need a double shot of faith