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{Soul Rest Sunday} Whenever I’m Alone With You

By On September 14, 2014

“my soul rests quietly…only when i am alone with you.” ps62:1 {a morning prayer comes to me gentle like the dawn by fog and first light.} carmel valley, ca  I’m not entirely… Read More

Under the branches of a winter tree, I will hold you. I will be your shade. And you will be with me.

{Soul Rest Sunday} In the Secret Place. Hold On To Me.

By On March 2, 2014

Sometimes, the world can make you feel small. It can be a crowded place, so many voices. Loud. Insistent that you have something to show. For who you are. And what you… Read More

a quiet space is sweet to the soul.

{Soul Rest Sunday} Gather. I Am With You.

By On February 23, 2014

Sometimes, it seems like all that’s within my reach are leftovers. As I begin to make my outer world reflect my inner world — where I am completely loved, cherished and accepted… Read More


{Soul Rest Sunday} Let Love In. Let’s Pray.

By On February 9, 2014

“Jesus, be the center, Be my source, be my light, Jesus, be the center, Be my hope, be my song, Jesus” ~ lyrics to Be the Center We’re standing at the cusp… Read More


{Soul Rest Sunday} Plant. And Let Me Be Your Shade.

By On February 2, 2014

  Sometimes, when we least expect it, we feel our hearts stir. We hear that voice in us. That wants to live the life unlived. Where do we start? Are we too… Read More

There's nothing quite so beautiful as hydrangeas at rest near twilight. There are so many dreams we carry, songs we have yet to sing. It's never too late.

{Soul Rest Sunday} Step Forward. Come.

By On January 26, 2014

“Come, Lord Jesus. When this world is dark as night, You are the one we call the light. When we are tempted to go astray, You are the one we call the… Read More


{Soul Rest Sunday} Take Heart. It is I.

By On January 19, 2014

“You’re the one who chased us You’re the one who started all of this…   Yours the voice that calls us Yours the hands that hold us When we have come undone… Read More

Sometimes, one word is all it takes to assure us the journey ahead is worth taking. Sometimes, the one word that's hardest to believe is that we are beloved. As is. #soulrestsunday

{ Soul Rest Sunday } This is the Way, Walk In It

By On January 12, 2014

“echo through me. let me stay a little longer, so I breathe in more of you. if I could touch this moment’s wonder, I would not let go. kneeling close in  stillness…… Read More

Because some days you need a double shot of faith