Unscripted Compassion. Intimate Stories on My Journey To Dominican Republic 2/14-2/21/15


 Hi there Sweet Kindreds!

This is the page where I will share all the intimate stories I’ll be experiencing on my trip to the Dominican Republic on Monday, February 16 – Friday, February 20 with Compassion International — along with Holley Gerth, Lisa Leonard and Ruth Soukup!

And I’m taking you with me on a totally unscripted journey.

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I’ll also be posting photos & video clips live — in real time — on my Facebook Page (click here) and on Instagram (click here).

I’m going to meet the beautiful and brave children in the D.R. who are struggling in poverty. To write about their stories — so we can become the voice that says to them, “I see you. I hear you. Jesus loves you. I will sponsor you.”  

Has God been tapping on your heart — to be God’s love letter to a child in need?

Sponsor a new child with Compassion using my link bit.ly/sponsorwithbonnie & you receive an exclusive You Are Very Loved Lisa Leonard Necklace  created just for this trip!  while supplies last.}

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Intimate Stories Shared in Blog Posts

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I never expected…

…that I could do something like this.  Having recovered from the disorienting anxiety of PTSD from childhood trauma just one year ago myself, I never imagined now would be the time for me to go on a #CompassionBloggersTrip. I’m fearful of memories that might be triggered, but I realize our greatest moments of compassion come to us, when we are in touch with the most intimate, vulnerable parts of ourselves: the child within you and me, longing to be known and loved. 

I said yes, because when a child is surrounded by the pain and silence of poverty, those of us who know Jesus can give them a voice.

I’m so excited to experience this journey with you as I tell the intimate stories I experience, as they organically unfolds on this trip. Together, we will hear the whispers of Jesus, speaking into our stories through the beautiful children of Compassion.We will join hands with the little boys and girls around the world and say to them — I see you. I open my heart and clasp my hands with Jesus to hold yours.
You’re loved. Cherished. You’re worth it. I will sponsor you.”

{more to share in the coming days! are you with me?!} #unscriptedcompassion

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